Bob Hurt Liberty Seminars


Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Seminar

22 May 2010

9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

You Must Purchase Lunch


  • Dr. Charles E. Lincoln (J.D., PhD) - Litigation and civil practice / courtroom procedures expert

  • Malcolm Doney - Mortgage fraud auditor and expert witness
  • Bob Hurt – Lawmen Newsletter author and law student

    We will announce any other speakers at the beginning of the Program.


We have put this seminar together to bring you the latest and best information on how you can attack mortgages, both before a foreclosure happens, and afterward.

Although we cannot guarantee you will win, we will teach you how to take winning actions, both administratively (before going to court), and in litigation (both with pleadings, and in a courtroom). Some who follow our strategies can end up owning their homes free and clear of all debt.

We will teach victims of mortgage fraud how to spot many kinds of fraud and how to take action that can produce financial gains for themselves.

We know that attorneys have a huge edge over pro se litigants, both in specialized education and in the opinions of judges, and so we will teach you how to minimize that edge, how to prepare better than most attorneys do, and to look and do your best in court.

We will show you how to “practice” in traffic courts where you have less at stake. We will teach you how to win traffic cases.

CAUTION: If you suffer from overwhelming debt, foreclosure, traffic tickets, due process violations, or judicial corruption, you NEED this seminar. Clear your calendar, email your reservation, and mail in your payment Now.


Seminar Details


How to Defend Against Mortgage Foreclosures


22 May 2010*


9 AM to 5 PM


All materials provided on-line for download


Attendees may not make audio or video recordings. We will record the proceedings and prepare the recordings for release upon approval by magisters.


Attendees may take written notes as desired. Be sure to bring your own paper, pads, and pens for this purpose. Attendees may type unobtrusively into notebook computers so long as fellow attendees do not complain.


Stacey's Buffet
Banquet Room 3
1451 Missouri Ave North
Largo, Florida‎
(727) 585-3543

Lodging 1

Belleair Village Motel
1025 Clearwater Largo Rd N
Largo, FL‎
(727) 584-7131
$62 single or double (walk to seminar)

Lodging 2

Motel 6
20788 US Highway 19 North,
Clearwater, FL‎
(727) 797-2600‎
$55 single, $61 double

Seminar Organizer

Bob Hurt
2460 Persian Drive #70
Clearwater, Florida 33763
(727) 669-5511
bob at bobhurt dot com


If you have any questions or comments, direct them to the seminar organizer, above.

Cost and Payment


You must purchase at least one meal for less than $10 in the buffet.

Sole Person

$100 donation, non-refundable*

Per wife or offspring

$50 donation, non-refundable*

If you are broke

Come anyway and donate what you can.

Payment terms

Advance payment via cash or blank USPS money order sent to:

Bob Hurt
2460 Persian Drive #70
Clearwater, Florida 33763
(727) 669-5511
bob at bobhurt dot com

RSVP Important

Submit your RSVP and payment as soon as possible to Bob Hurt, or pay at the door. Seating limited.

Seminar Agenda Details

Bob Hurt

Introduction, overview of seminar goals and rules, critique forms, outline of administrative and legal process, checklist of necessary learning aids for ongoing success, staying connected in your community and with the experts.

Malcolm Doney

How to identify, document, and use different kinds of mortgage fraud to advance your cause in a foreclosure action.

Dr. Charles Lincoln

Principles, goals, and preparing for pro se litigation, how to draft and file a complaint, how to respond to a foreclosure lawsuit, dealing with judges and the bar, using natural contradictions in the law to improve your chance of winning, case studies in foreclosure litigation.

Help Promote this Seminar

Let's face it, folks. I need a little help from you and others to promote this seminar so that news will spread far and wide of its ability to help people.

We know that money is tight in some families, and for that reason, we encourage you to print out the flyer or this web page and present it to the preacher of your church, or community organization. For, surely the church or org can sponsor this seminar for one or more attendees who can bring back the information to help others facing foreclosure or monstrous debt.

Print out your copy of the flyer at the below link. Send it to all your mailing lists, organizations, friends, and family, and encourage them to attend.

Click Here for Foreclosure Defense Seminar Flyer

Seminar Registration Form

Register or write to Bob Hurt here. Each attendee must register separately.

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22 May 2010, Largo, FL


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Call 727 669 5511 for help

Print or email and distribute this flyer to all mailing lists. Thank you.

Bob Hurt Liberty Seminars presents…

A One-Day, Power-Packed

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Seminar*


For Defenders against and Victims of Foreclosure.


An experienced litigator will teach you how to ATTACK and WIN, in state and federal courts.


*You will learn:

  • How to stop Mortgage Foreclosure!
  • How to protect your rights through administrative process.
  • How to attack banks through Quiet Title Action


IMPORTANT:    Reserve your seat by return email NOW.


Date:              Saturday, 22 May 2009, 2009

Time:              From 9:00 AM. To 5:00 PM.

Location:         Stacy’s Buffet, Banquet Room 1

            1451 Missouri Ave North, Largo, Florida 33770 - (727) 585-3543

Donation*:     $100.00 per person plus $50.00 per spouse or offspring

           Payment in cash or blank USPS money order

           If you are broke, come anyway and donate what you can.

Includes:        Lunch and supper both days, Reference CD, Reference Manual,

Contact:         Bob Hurt - – (727) 669-5511

RSVP:             Please contact Bob Hurt with RSVP for planning purposes.

           Advanced payment encouraged.  Seating is limited.


  • Bob Hurt  - Lawmen Newsletter author and perpetual student of law
  • Malcolm Doney – CEO Dolphin Developments and mortgage forensic analyst
  • Dr. Charles Lincoln – litigation consultant
  • We will announce other speakers at the beginning of the Program!


*NOTE:  Do NOT let your lack of donation money stop you from attending this seminar.  Yes, we seek donations, but if you don’t have the amount requested, bring whatever you can, and show up on time.  We conduct these seminars to help people, and that includes you, whether or not you have money.

Travel and Lodging FOR OUT-OF-TOWNERS

  • Motel 6 - 20788 US 19 North, Clearwater, FL - (727) 797-2600 $55 single, $61 double
  • Belleair Village Motel - 1025 Clearwater Largo Rd N, Largo, FL - (727) 584-7131 - $62 single or double (walk to seminar)
  • Southwest Airlines - 14-day advance booking gives roundtrip into Clearwater-St. Petersburg Airport for less than $300.

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