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According to documented legend, I entered the world on 5/29/1943 at 4 A.M. in Houston's Herman Hospital. You probably wouldn't consider me a "spring chicken." As a native of Texas, I do understand the power and importance of hospitality.

In my life I have married and divorced, hired and fired, scolded and praised, suffered the same at the hands of others, and I still haven't begun to learn the lessons in store for me. I served in the computer industry in one way or another all my adult life until I retired. I served aboard submarines during my 9-year stint in the U.S. Navy. In the private sector I served at various times as a writer, technician, engineer, programmer, teacher, marketer, salesman, web designer, manufacturer, senior executive, and CEO.

Today I enjoy a happy marriage and spend most of my time in my domicile at "On Top of the World", a lovely community in Clearwater near Florida's gulf coast. I play classical and country guitar for fun, and to entertain my bride, Maria. I evangelize about the gospel, and I study, study, teach, and promote the reading of The Urantia Book. And, I enjoy the status of "truth-seeker."

Law Study and Scholarship. In August 2006, I decided to study law. Without going into unnecessary details about my finances, I do not have the income to pay for law school. So I request donations and love offerings for law courses and materials. If you want to see my one result of my efforts to help others from my law research, visit my personal Lawmen Google Group archives linked below.

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